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“All changed, changed utterly, a terrible beauty is born.” W.B. Yeats

The sport of fencing has grown and with your help has the potential to be transformed fundamentally.

I am asking those interested in helping to create this “terrible beauty” to join your Fencing Ireland Committee in Loreto Dalkey Sports Hall on Sunday, 03 March at 10:00 am.


With the generous support of Sport Ireland, we have commissioned a new strategic plan for Fencing.  The presentation of the plan will be made by Maeve Buckley.
Maeve Buckley is the author of the report. Maeve was voted amongst the most influential women in sport in 2014, 15 and 17 and is a specialist in developing strategies for NGBs.

Please click here to view the plan.

In order to implement many of the strategies we will need, amongst other things, to train and work with an increased number of volunteers. We will also need to recruit a General Manager and a Sport Development Officer.

What has changed?

Fencing Ireland is delighted to announce that its core funding of €27,000 per annum, has increased this year to €55,000.

We have also been awarded a €25,000 special grant from the Government Dormant Accounts Fund for equipment and sports development.

We have also received additional support from Sport Ireland to the tune of a further €8,000, covering the majority of the cost of the strategic plan and additional funding for hosting the fantastically successful Epée Satellite in the new and stunningly impressive, national sports arena in Blanchardstown.

For a sport to obtain an increase of over 300% in its funding is virtually unheard of.

We are delighted to say that, in addition to this funding we hope to conclude an agreement with TCD for joint funding of a Sport Development Officer.

These changes, handled correctly, with the right support from all of you, will transform Irish Fencing and put it on a platform of growth for many years to come.

This coincides of course with the highest ever participation by our junior and cadet athletes at the European and World Championships.

Heading off to Foggia in Italy later this week and then to Torun in Poland, are a wonderful team of young foilists, epeeists and sabreurs.  As you know we have seen tremendous success from our youngest international fencers, in particular, a podium silver medal for the young Myles Moriarty-Smyth at a huge international competition in Paris.

Finally, but by no means least, we have seen the continued growth with the Brian Boru club run by Radu in Howth, Clontarf and Blanchardstown, the green shoots of a new club run by David and Piri in Greystones and the ever expanding success of Olga in Dalkey and Ballsbridge.
Adding to this has been the unbelievable success of Patrick Dight in rolling out fencing in a great number of schools across the country and the success of last year’s inter schools competition, held at Clongowes Wood College.  We have also benefited enormously from very generous private sponsorship for our junior athletes on the island of Ireland.

However, there is still an enormous amount of work to be done.

The increased funding and the success of our athletes has created no more than a platform from which we must launch a much more ambitious plan for our sport seeking ever greater participation and even better international success.

This cannot be done by a volunteer committee and for that reason we are very pleased that we now have the funding to allow us recruit a General Manager.

However, in addition to this we need, as you will see from the strategic plan, to bring on board volunteers at every level to grow this wonderful sport.

Reminder of Where and When .

Please come and join us at 10:00am on Sunday, 03 March, in the Loreto Dalkey Sports Hall. This will be a chance to both understand the strategy we are seeking to implement, but more importantly to influence it and play a part in what may, in time, be seen as one of the greatest successes in Irish sport.
We will convert a niche sport into a sport of significant numbers, and podium positions at international level.

I look forward to seeing you.
Yours sincerely,

Philip Lee


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