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England Fencing hosted the 2016 Five Nations at Manchester Fencing Centre, Oldham on Saturday 5 November.  The best result of the weekend came from our Women’s Épée team, who missed out on gold following a last-ditch foot-hit in priority.

Final standings

 1st  England (21 victories)
 2nd   Scotland  (13 victories)
 3rd   Wales  (10 victories)
4th  Northern Ireland  (9 victories)
5th Ireland (6 victories)

Team Ireland: Match results

   ENG   SCO   WAL   NIR 
ME   D24-45  D25-45 D40-45 D42-45
WE  D43-44  V44-43   V43-41  X
MF  D32-45 D28-45 D29-45 D25-45
WF  D39-45 D41-45  V45-40   V43-41 
MS  D41-45 D32-45 D44-45  V45-31 

Individual Weapon Standings

Men's Épée
 1st   England
 2nd   Wales 
 3rd    Scotland 
4th     Northern Ireland 
5th     Ireland 

Women's Épée
 1st    England
 2nd   Ireland 
 3rd    Scotland 
4th     Wales 
DNF   Northern Ireland 

Men's Foil
 1st    Northern Ireland 
 2nd  England
 3rd   Scotland   
4th    Wales 
5th   Ireland 

Women's Foil
 1st   England
 2nd   Northern Ireland 
 3rd    Scotland  
4th    Ireland 
5th    Wales 

Men's Sabre
 1st    Scotland 
 2nd  England
 3rd    Wales 
4th     Ireland 
5th     Northern Ireland 

Women's Sabre
 1st    England
 2nd   Scotland 
 3rd    Northern Ireland 
4th     Wales 
DNF  Ireland 

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